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List of some of Top #Hillary Podesta email Scandals

I had this list make for me by a nice guy on As the election continues and after I will build the links on each of this scandal topics..


In recent months, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has released more than 50,000 emails varying from Democratic National Committee (DNC) Hillary Clinton and her staff and now John Podesta, the President Clinton’s campaign and longtime friend. In these emails, we now see the true colors of the campaign and Clinton herself. We are also seeing massive corruption among the media, the campaign and the Obama administration
Some of the leaks are highlighted below

1. Clinton Dreams of ‘Open Trade and Open Borders
My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere.”

2. Hillary’s campaign admitted that the Iran Deal Sucked

3. Hillary’s Campaign manipulated and /or bribed Bernie Sanders

4. Democrats created fake sexist Trump Ads

5. Hillary and Her campaign accused Obama of Voter Fraud

6. Hillary’s Campaign wished the San Bernardino Shooter was White

7. Media Collusion –
Hillary’s Campaign received a heads up on a Bernie Tweet Storm

Ezra Klein of colluded with campaign

8. Clinton Camp Discussed Deleting Emails Despite Knowing It Was Against the Law

9. Hillary Clinton and Obama Corresponded via private email

10. Hillary Admits Saudi Arabia and Qatar Fund ISIS
11. Hillary Got $12 Mil from Moroccan King
12. Opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline

13. Leaked Speech Excerpts Show a Hillary Clinton at Ease With Wall Street

14. Hillary Clinton Decided on Tim Kaine for VP In 2015

15. Journalists secretly working as enthusiastic volunteers for Clinton/Kaine 2016 as Debate Moderator John Harwood Emailed Podesta and a host of other Reporters Were Taking Marching Orders from Hillary

16. FOX News Mole Leaked Town Hall Question to Clinton Campaign

17. Donna Brazile Shared CNN Town Hall Questions with Clinton Camp

18. Hillary Clinton ADMITS She Is Out of Touch With the Middle Class

19. Hillary says you need to have a Private and Public Position on Policy

20. Warning to Hillary

21. Hillary Took Algeria Off Terror Watch List After Donation to Clinton Foundation

Poop App Developer wanted San Francisco

I am looking for a  Full Stack Developer to lead in the development of SaaS app and website; that will be the leader in Shit-Photo-Sharing ( SPS) for short.

I want you to think of Instagram + Facebook + Pinning and then put a shit picture right on top of it !

You mighit be thinking that I am joking, I am not.

We plan to make the world of Poop an exceptible and healthy subject as well as to help people to connect with the World. Learn about the health of their bowels is going to be a growth market that has no end, in sight !

Why is this needed ? Because 40% of people use their phone in the toilet & why not take a picture of your shit and share it; with not just anyone but(t) your Medical Professional who needs to see your poop to determine your health levels ..


With Obama-Care; we are sure to get  Big Government Contracts & German, Germans are into this stuff since forever we are almost a success already!

Please contact me to set up an interview . Pay is 100% cash.


Mother Fucker ..

I been beat !



Is Silicon Valley a friend or your best and biggest Enemy?

What has Silicon Valley done for you lately ?  When I ask myself that question, some of the answers I get are , the typical ones you would expect from a generation x adult who grow up with donated Apples in the “Computer Lab”

media life

That is Apple computers pcs, routers and silicon or micro-chips.

Pretty much everything that is cool about technology . When did all my warm feelings change from warm feeling and of that so cool and liberating thoughts like ; cool I can use email and not have to use a fax machine anymore , fuck you archaic people who demand a fax… don’t you have email you retard”. I and most of the us thought we where moving forward in freedom with every new step forward in technology , I do not feel that way anymore, not not at all, I feel technology and the people who have been pushing it forward have changes. I like to explore that premise with you, what can we do about and is there anything we can do about it.

What has Silicon Valley done for you lately ?  When I ask myself that question, some of the answers I get are , the typical ones you would expect from a generation Xer adult who grow up with donated Apples in the “Computer Lab”  in the Bay Area city of South San Francisco .

Sure we got some good stuff, no one is saying we dint…: computers personal kinds, routers and silicon or micro-chips all kinds of good crap, maybe a cellphone call go on the good column..mostly good stuff.

Pretty much everything that is cool about technology.

When did all my warm feelings change from “thats so cool and useful”, to “Fucking hell they know everything about me”

Its call Bigdata and its a big problem , its what makes the the targeted ads you get during an internet search , wanting you to buy a something you looked at once , and its follows you for the next month. That has a name too, I just forgot ..

Stay tuned for more on Bigdata, Opendata and the changing feel of the internet and Silicon Valley  the biggest threat to your freedom  .

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