Why I am taking a Break From IPA

I was a big fan if IPA , back in the day when drinking a IPA was the Beverage level a Revolution .. those days are long over <

If you do a short search on the internet , something like.. “Why are there so many breweries making IPA,, the surprising thing is that most of the article are dated 2012. I was enjoying the IPA Exposion that was providing me with easy access to IPA in my local Supermarket..

As I am writing this , two Ballast Point sales reps are sitting at a table ajasent to me, I never had a Ballist Point but I think its the premier IPA on the market for the large market.

Its a long way from, beer making at home being Illegial ( look up the orginal law). to the point we are now in that even the largest Beer Brewers have come out with a version of IPA , like Guniness and in my local region Anchor steam.


Release of the Guiness Nitro

Guinness Nitro IPA Launches Stateside 12 Ounce Cans

Here is a article on Anchor Steam. This one has a good review from me , Anchor has been the leader in the Main Stream “Craft Quality “ Beer brewing.

I have been taking a break from IPA , for a few reasons , one is that fact that its a very stong beer, it seems that there is a percentage war going on.. I might have had a beer more then 12% alchol , while that is fun, it does get increasingly difficult to drink more then two , and If you do not know what your in for the buzz might be a shock to you .Stop the IPA


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