Poop App Developer wanted San Francisco

I am looking for a  Full Stack Developer to lead in the development of SaaS app and website; that will be the leader in Shit-Photo-Sharing ( SPS) for short.

I want you to think of Instagram + Facebook + Pinning and then put a shit picture right on top of it !

You mighit be thinking that I am joking, I am not.

We plan to make the world of Poop an exceptible and healthy subject as well as to help people to connect with the World. Learn about the health of their bowels is going to be a growth market that has no end, in sight !

Why is this needed ? Because 40% of people use their phone in the toilet & why not take a picture of your shit and share it; with not just anyone but(t) your Medical Professional who needs to see your poop to determine your health levels ..


With Obama-Care; we are sure to get  Big Government Contracts & German, Germans are into this stuff since forever ..so we are almost a success already!

Please contact me to set up an interview . Pay is 100% cash.


Mother Fucker ..

I been beat !







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