What is going on


ISIS is cutting off heads, Russia is waging a silent war in Ukraine , Israel did  its “moving of the grass” The pizza is good, if its thin crust .. The Police have Mine resistant armed trucks and automatic  weapons .. all normal….

China is showing its military advancements , challenging the American dominance in the Pacific .

Christmas  will be here soon, we need to save up for all the gifts. There are still thousands who don’t have jobs.

When was there Peace , not in the history of America, a few years here and there, Revolutionary war, Indian wars , Civil war, World Wars,  Korean wars might have been a necessary war, but a chance for Peace in the sixties, , not a chance , Vietnam War.. Iraq War …

Whats the newest bacon flavored product ? Bacon Flavored olive  oil……

The 80s  nothing much happen in the 80s…

War is normal , or does it have to be….


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