Yes USA did destabilize.. yet that is not the root problem

Yes the USA destabilized  Iraq, its only exposed the root of the problem…. the Arab spring , that allowed  for  a peoples uprising , gave way to violence and extremist to take power. The region in part needs to grow up and remove themselves from violent thinking  . Just as over all today Europeans no long fight as much as they had for hundreds of years ago. Mostly only fight on the football field now.


Yes the  power of the Elite in many countries ; Corporate greed ( military industrial complex), the Israel lobby and other forces that are not in open day  light, did have a play . but as Syrian girl says in the below video . Isis is a cult, that is backed by other powers in the middle east with money , but it is harming Muslims and is a threat to any peace loving people in the region. Extremism from all faiths, no longer fit in this modern World , they die for their illusion as the World moves toward a better place.


This also include the Gaza , the world can no longer tolerate this ……..


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