Oakland Under Martial Law -Draft

Draft ( Would you like to read more? or in the form of a Graphic Novel?)

Oakland is a city that has been under attack for years. The attacks have come from basic poverty and good weather of California. We can name specific attackers later. Oakland has been said to be important because of it’s Ports. You can just as easily say it’s important comes for its Bridge. The Bay Bridge the newly re- engineered rivite and steel structure, very understated and blue collar compare to the outlandish and Golden Gate Bridge. The Bay Bridge links San Francisco to the rest of the Country. allowing City dwellers escape from the coastal Pennincial confinement.

The problem today is not that urbanite, San Francisians desire to escape the existential vacuum of a gential existance; today the problem is real heavy ; Oakland is under Martial Law.

The city of Oakland is surrounded by the National Guard, and Federal agencies directing the whole operation. The police are caravaned in every morning at dawn, under protection of a small air fleet of drones and ghetto birds that stay parked on top of roofs during the days operations.

How did this all happen? We knew that Oakland had become once again a revolutionary dynom, taking energy from around the world and, using it to rekindle the sparks of discontent.

We can list some of the reason, this is by no means a complete list, to do that would be depress and bore you with dissasterous human decision.

The Chinese got deservedly nervous and called in their loans to the USA ( Bonds)

The Euro has been dragged down into the medeterian Sea, along with three PIG economies of Greeece , Spain and half of Italy.

The prognostigators of gloom are right half of the time, we are human after all. Go read some classics if you meed to understand, Oakland is beyond literture.

It all makes sense if you look back, it takes some explaining to understand how Chinese Run factories can be found on American soil, in Oakland. The Port of Oakland is no long in the USA Hands, the city of Oakland is a surrounded city, no one is let out or in , unless they are escorted by the Martial law Enforcing Police and Military.

Oakland is the last major City to be under Martial Law in America, it not the only one in the World, as the economy decended into a non existence heap of digital zeroes and stacks a valueless notes and papers, the Worlds organized Countries fell into a deep Mega_ Depression. Some of the Worlds Cities( research what large Wold Cities and region would have problems, such as Israel and other cities)