Basic tactical Observation of Police on May Day 2012 Oakland,CA

From watching the Ustream video and learned from on the Ground observations

• Snatch team on foot, move forward to a targeted person they intend to arrest.
• Mobile snatch team, police in non riot gear, will be in a van, with a sliding door either open or ready to open fast with two or more snatch cops about to snatch you up.
1. Ghetto-Bird small helocopter. During the day you can see them over head, during the night you can hear and only see their navigation lights and when they spot you will light you up Ghetto-bird, are used like the spotter in combat, fixing location of the “target” you and your marchers or group.
2. White vans, use to move police around. Are they ever use to hold prisoners? Find out.
3. Police Riot line when clearing a street will attempt to have an officers line the complete span of the road, so no one can escape behind their lines, a complete wall.
4. Double time is when they advance at a run and tend to run to the next intersection. Clearing one block at a time and doing the same again and again. Can get into vans to move longer distances faster.
5. They have radios and intercommunications that allow them to act in an organized way, advancing and moving ahead of marcher movements.
6. Public transportation (subways access) Closing and making exits limited for example, on May 1 Oakland. these limitations observed at Bart
1. Elevators closed off, not in use on all station along Marchers route

2. Escalators are all turned to move up and not down, to reduce “escape” speed to trains.
3. Masses of police in Subway station, out of site but close by.

What else?