Law make Secret Service the trigger for the arrest of protesters.

Law make Secret Service the trigger for the arrest of protesters.

Read the law see (Salon link) when there a Federal detachment as the Secret Service, they will be considered Federal, making the law impact any protester in the area of the Secret Serice and further limit 1st Amendment expression.

“The new legislation allows prosecutors to charge anyone who enters a building without permission or with the intent to disrupt a government function with a federal offense if Secret Service”

Just having Secret Service makes its “Federal” so now its not just the White House they are protecting, it can be any city that a Presidenal Canadate or high raking offical is, as they have Secret Service guards.

Presidental Candidates from both parties will get Sercet Service protection, so that means, protests can get arrested, they have seen all the images from New York to Oakland, making it 100% sure they do not get a Occupied moment on their campaigns!

One of the changes to the law is that, the protestors do not need to know that they are in such a area , so you will be at risk of arrest more so then before, if you are near any high profile Politician that has Secret Service guards during a protest.

These restricted areas include locations where individuals under Secret Service protection are temporarily located, and certain large special events like a presidential inauguration. They can also include large public events like the Super Bowl and the presidential nominating conventions (troublingly, the Department of Homeland Security has significant discretion in designating what qualifies as one of these special events).

Bill link can be found in this article as well as the ovious statement that this is directed at the, Now vocal citizenry , of the United States, they sure do not want any groups of people with voices, showing the media that they are mostly bums and traders to the people.!

Just Ron Paul,  and one other voted against this.

The political class , know that silencing , protesters is in their best interest.