Ustream news Brief Friday’s Fuck the Police San Francisco March recap of video Ustream by.PunkboySf

Ustream News Brief Friday Fuck the Police March recap.PunkboySf

Steve Rhodes

San Francisco, held a Friday Evening FTP March at 6pm. the March got of to a slow start at 6:30pm. Old and new Friend of Freedom, Marched down the wet and glistening streets of San Francisco. They numbered 100 at the start, gaining about 50 along the way according to Ustream photographer Punkboysf.

The small but enthusiastic group, trailed down Market Street and eventual going up Powell street past the now closed and vacant Borders flagship Store and the Drake Hotel, they stop at the top of the hill, then doubled back down.

The March returned to Market street; during the that part of the March, a tall guy in a grey suit, Banker type, started to yell at the Marchers” Go home”Go Home”Go Home” People of the March respond with the words ” We have the right to March” Only one person hated on those Marchers, exercising there nearly forget freedoms, in fact later in the March a large group of people in line at the Warfield Theater cheered the Marchers in total support

The last eventful moment was when the March decide to enter the private(public shopping center) property of the Westfield Shopping Center. The Marches joined the Friday night shopper in a stroll. Marcher walk peacefully, yet a group of big security guards( possibly off duty PD) stopped the rolling sound system, that was not on and tried to force it out.

The security guards, shoved a number of Marcher (with out cause or reason) before focusing on the sound system, all was record on video. The Marchers exited, and after a short wait the sound system crew made it out safe and with their equipment.

The Marching group was eventually split in two by Motorcycle cops( note the tactic) also 50 or so riot clad cops began following the March. The Marchers regrouped and returned to Justin Herman Plaza, for short speeches.

Here is a transcript of Punkboysf Commentary on what we can expect in the Spring/Summer

“I know its been a long time since anyone has actually stood up for themselves in this country. So every one’s not used to it; but get used to it. Because people are about to rise up. This Spring is about to explode, I guarantee it; quote me on that. Spring summer, Colleges get out, High Schools get out. All those kids are going to go out on the streets, because all those kids futures have been stolen from them….. -PunkBoySF 2.10.11

-Joe Glasner